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6 months
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360 sf
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A home within your home

Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are a way for homeowners to maintain their existing house and create new living quarters on their property. Whether they choose to use it as a guest house, a long term rental, or additional entertainment space, the rise in ADUs have turned them into a statewide phenomenon.

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A Different Way to Build

The Homeio is based on a modular system that is tried and true. It is fast, affordable, architect-designed, and represents a great investment. The same design has been approved in many jurisdictions across California, taking the guess-work out of permitting. We are also able to guarantee a budget for the finished project, something homeowners can seldom get with a custom residential unit. Both of these reduce the risk associated with timeline and cost increases.

The pre-designed system has several sizes to chose from. Each can be tailored to a given site, or you can download the plans and construct one of these on your lot instead

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Homeio offers discounts and grant programs for homeowners in disadvantaged communities. Visit our equity page at the Homeio Institute for more information.

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